Stuff I wrote

Not done yet here, but this is a good start.


Domesticated Bliss
Flytrap, Issue 9 (Tropism Press) May 2008

Aeon Speculative Fiction, Issue 1, Scorpius Digital Publishing, November 2004

Heart of Glass
Polyphony Vol. 3 (Wheatland Press) October 2003

Mixed Signals (with Ken Wharton)
Analog Science Fiction and Fact, January 2003

Target Audience
Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, July 2002

Etta Mae’s Little Theory
Eggplant Literary Productions, December 2001

Sex with an Alien
Best of the Rest 3, ed. Brian Youmans, 2002
Reprinted from Neverworlds, 2001

Flights of Angels

Dead Girls Can’t Say No
Aberations #1 1991

Strange Attractors
Full Spectrum 2, ed. Lou Aronica, Shawna McCarthy, Amy Stout & Patrick LoBrutto, Doubleday Foundation 1989

All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth
Pulphouse: The Hardback Magazine: Issue One, ed. Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Pulphouse 1988

Old Mickey Flip Had a Marvelous Ship
L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future v3, ed. Algis Budrys, Bridge 1987


The History of Cosmology
Astropoetica: Mapping the Stars Through Poetry, Summer 2005

Advice from an Old Hand, to a Young Man Shipping Out
Figment #5 1990

Eulogy for a Crew Member of the Heaven’s Gate
Figment #5 1990

Prophetic Dreams
Narcopolis & Other Poems, ed. Peggy Nadramia, Hell’s Kitchen Productions 1989

With All Due Respect: Harald Zwart on Directing THE KARATE KID

Sweep the Leg! Interview with the real Johnny, William Zabka

A Warrior Finds His Way

Review: Flatland, Flatterland, Spaceland: An education in three books
Strange Horizons, 27 July 2006

Review: The Healer
Strange Horizons, 06 December 2005

Review: Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Strange Horizons, 26 October 2005

Review: Clade: Home is Where It Makes You
Strange Horizons, 12 July 2004

Interview: Lisa Goldstein
Strange Horizons, 28 July 2003

Review: A Lovely Song, Slightly Out of Tune: Across the Nightingale Floor
Strange Horizons, 20 January 2003

Review: Finding the Human in Hard SF: Impact Parameter
Strange Horizons, 27 May 2002

Review: Technological Magic, Magical Technology: Empty Cities of the Full Moon
Strange Horizons, 18 March 2002

Review: Quantum Religion: Divine Intervention
Strange Horizons, 10 December 2001

Pros and Cons of Being a Writer Couple (with Gary W. Shockley)
The Science Fiction Writers of America Bulletin 1991

SF Writing Groups: Ohio, Oregon, Utah (with M. Shayne Bell & Kenneth Schulze),
Tales of the Unanticipated #4 1988